Top Ten: Weekend roundup: ‘Best new ideas in money’ series continues | A better way to invest in electric cars | Housing market heats up

Here are must-read MarketWatch articles on investing and personal finance from the past week.

1. Second annual Best New Ideas in Money series

MarketWatch editor-in-chief Jeremy Olshan explains how the language of money is changing. The next four stories in the series follow.

2. This is how to stop making financial mistakes

Here’s how a mix of psychotherapy and financial advice could solve your money issues once and for all.

3. A data revolution for individual investors

The average investor can now access data that was previously only available to hedge funds.

4. You may soon stop using cash

A recession could cause the Federal Reserve to issue digital dollars.

5. Your wallet is becoming obsolete

People will begin using biometric mobile wallets.

6. This may be the best way to invest in the electric-car industry

Jeff Reeves advises investors to look at critical suppliers instead of car makers.

7. Tesla’s pickup truck

Porsche made a big splash this week when it finally unveiled its Taycan electric sports car. But Tesla

TSLA, -0.55%

 may steal back the electric narrative when it shows its new pickup truck as early as this month.

8. Borrow for less — to pay more

Mortgage-loan rates are declining in the U.S. and are expected to fall further, and home-price increases are expected to accelerate in most states.

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9. The case for target-date mutual funds for retirement accounts

Paul Merriman explains why target-date funds may be best for you — they boil down portfolio management to one decision.

10. Dividend-stock series continues

MarketWatch readers chimed in with their own comments about these two stories on dividend-stock ideas:

Three dividend-stock picks with yields as high as 12% from a manager who doesn’t focus on dividends

This ‘resilient’ dividend-stock strategy can limit risks to your portfolio

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Published at Fri, 06 Sep 2019 15:51:18 +0000