CBH Homes introduces self-guided home tours

In the past, prospective homebuyers needed a real estate agent if they wanted to tour a home for sale (unless that home was for sale by owner, of course). 

But now, thanks to technological advances, there’s a growing movement to remove real estate agents from that part of the process.

CBH Homes, a homebuilder out of Idaho, is introducing Tour Now, Instant Home Access, a new approach on home tours.

Shining a light on speed and accessibility, consumers can now get instant access to a home for sale without the direction of an agent first. 

This barrier to enter a home for sale is typically set up through a real estate agent. Now, CBH has installed 100 self-locks on 100 available homes in Southern Idaho to make touring homes quicker for the busy consumer. 

It’s as easy as calling a phone number, getting verified and accessing the property at your convenience. 

In its first month, 10 self-locks were installed and 85 self-guided tours were completed. With 100 self-locks being installed now, CBH expects that number to skyrocket. 

“Consumers want products faster and easier. They’re looking for the self-serve model. Similar to the easy access of VRBO or Airbnb experience. At CBH Homes, we understand this and are working to provide that”, said Ronda Conger, vice president of CBH Homes. “They don’t want to call and make an appointment, they want to do their own research and tour at their convenience.”

In March, Zillow announced it would be testing a mobile app that enables users to tour a house for sale without the need of an agent or appointment. 

Published at Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:14:00 +0000